Candidate Area


Please review a list of the most urgent vacancies. Not every vacancy is listed on this site. If you have not yet registered with My Job Help Ltd, register your CV and details to get considered for all relevant opportunities.

Interim Vacancies are not listed here – Please contact me directly if you are an Interim Manager.

CV Guidance

CV Guidance is quite an overworked arena for most people. There are a plethora of companies all offering different advice – as do I. The difference with the advice that I offer is that as an experienced recruiter / hiring manager my guidance lets the recipient assess you much quicker.


If you have registered with My Job Help Ltd – Great. If you are not yet registered, please complete the registration form and send me your details / attach your most up to date CV. Before any CV is submitted to a client, you will need to bring your CV up to the My Job Help Ltd standard.

Pledge To Available Candidates

If you are available and looking for a new role I run an open list of available candidates on this site. To get listed, please read the ‘Pledge To Available Candidates’ and follow the instructions on line. Once I have your GDPR agreement to add you to the site, you will be emailed a link to your profile, which should be approved within 7 days.

Candidate GDPR Terms

In line with the recent legal changes in handling all clients and candidates data, I have spilt the GDPR into Candidate and Client terms as each have differing requirements. As a candidate in using this site, and registering with My Job Help Ltd you are directly agreeing to the site usage and business terms.

Web Site / Email / Data Storage Statement

The web site and all email correspondence is hosted on line, and managed through Krystal Hosting. Everyone’s data is stored in an old WWII bunker – in fact is was Winston Churchill’s bunker, and as such is one of the most secure servers in the UK. They currently host for companies such as Nike, FTSE, LSE – You data is secure, and is not stored on any mobile devices. CV’s are never printed within the business – all correspondence is digital.