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Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: July 14, 2015

As Contingent Recruitment experts, we head hunt for candidates in the same way as for retained projects. We focus on areas that our clients can’t tap into.

Candidates CV’s and Interview capability is aligned with their achievements, and your expected achievements. Submitting only the top / most ideal candidates, means fewer candidates to process, interview and choose from. By only sending the best candidates that are well prepared they will focus on their achievements and how they could replicate such activities for their next employer. How they have previously delivered the same level of achievement previously is the key focus. As a client you will have an excellent pool of candidates to interview. When we can’t find candidates that we believe are worth you interviewing, then we work with our clients reviewing the position with to assess and adjust accordingly.

The trick here is to represent the best candidates and to do this faster than the other channels. If for instance the vacancy is hard to fill, chances are there will only be a few candidates out there qualified for the position. Getting to these before everyone else is vital for the successful no win, no fee recruiter.

Contingent Recruitment – How We Work

  • By submitting less candidates, you get a much higher standard applicant
  • Achievement based CV’s will be submitted which focus on areas you need achieving if appointed
  • We don’t pressurise clients or candidates to commitment, as we focus on adding value over pressure

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