Candidate GDPR Terms

GDPR Terminologies:


  • Candidates or “data subjects.” Candidates are the data subjects identified through personal data we obtain for legitimate recruitment purposes within our business remit only. We are specifically sourcing data regarding “a subjects” Name, physical addresses, location, Emails or phone numbers.


  • Your Data – Meaning any amount of information about your career and person either we have gathered or you have supplied that is available for use through operating as a registered recruitment business.


  • Employers or “data controllers.” Employers (our appointed clients’), and recruiters within our employment only, serve as the company’s main representatives to candidates making them the data controllers who are fully responsible for protecting candidate data and using it lawfully. As the recruiters in the middle, we only ever exchange your details with clients upon your written consent to our business.


  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other recruitment software/services or “data processors.” My Job Help Ltd does not use ATS or similar systems to hold and process your data – as such we are compliant through exclusion.


  • My Job Help Ltd – meaning the recruitment business including My Job Recruitment, operating as the same functionality as a data controller under the new GDPR legislation.



Candidate GDPR Data Protection Overview:

  • My Job Help Ltd assures all candidates that their data is safely stored and managed within our business, employees and data storage systems. We assure all candidates and clients that we continually focus on confidentiality, integrity and full resilience to all our systems.


  • Any data collected by My Job Help Ltd or any employee or representative will only be used for the sole purposes of recruitment and head hunting. If you apply for a job directly or indirectly, we do not assume we can ‘manipulate or process’ your data for that or any other role, and you will always be contacted before we process your data to a 3rd party, and you will automatically be added to our systems minimally to register and record that activity has taken place.


  • As a candidate we value your privacy, right to control, amend & access your data upon your request, within a reasonable timescale, being no longer than 1 month / 4 weeks. My Job Help Ltd will obtain “data Subjects” information in accordance with recruitment practices, and only for recruitment and head hunting purposes.


  • We do not pass across, or share your data with any third party for “other marketing” purposes outside of our “client based recruitment operations”.


  • We do not use 3rd party ATS companies and have for 5 years only stored data at our offices. Your CV and contact details are never left unattended, in an unsecure manner unsupervised. When unattended all personal data relating to all “data subjects” is filed under lock and key. We only keep data in paper format for live projects we are actively headhunting for at that time, once completed they are stored in our archive, under lock and key.


  • “Data Subjects” information will be stored after projects have been closed, and you will then only be contacted for a further suitable vacancy. As we do not know when that time will come, we will store your data indefinitely, or until you request its deletion.



How My Job Help Ltd Obtains Its Data – We through public domains including LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google searches and a number of job boards.

Why We Collect & Need Your Data – My Job Help Ltd is a recruitment business and we need you data to operate in the recruitment sector. We only use your data for the explicit purposes of recruitment and recruiting. We never operate with your details partially or fully on a speculative basis. We have never operated speculatively, unless specifically authorised by a “data Subject”. If we operate on a speculative basis, following your agreement, you will receive regular updates of your data, and where it has been sent to. Unfortunately through Client GDPR restrictions we may not be able to confirm the employee of that client who we share your data with.

What We Do With you Data – We will add you to our database upon sourcing (name, phone, email, location, job function, ST-date (spoken to, Date), contactor). Only the recruiter managing that project will be able to contact you directly, seeking further authorisation to assess suitability for CV Submission(s), interview(s). Once agreed, even verbally or by SMS, we will then transmit your details to the client by way of a formal application / submission. You will always receive a copy of this transmission the same day as the client. You being the “data subject” will need to authorise directly for your details to be submitted to each further vacancy, as appropriate.

How Your Data Is Stored – we store data on emails, on a server owned by, using IMAP. Their server is tested daily, and is in Winston Churchill’s WWII bunker in Portsmouth. We also store data on spreadsheets, which are backed up daily, weekly, and tested for errors at the same times. Any printed information is always kept in a safe lockable unit at our registered offices. All printed data is locked away when not attended. We do not use 3rd party ATS systems, nor do we add your details to 3rd party companies or email lists. We do not transfer your data to My Job Board Ltd. We may discuss My Job Board Ltd through our emails and phone correspondence, though we will not be permitted to add your data from one company to another, without a subscription being held for the other business.

How To Access Your Data As we are holding your data and information about you, we agree that as the ‘manager of your data’ that we are solely responsible for how we use that information. For this reason we allow all candidates and clients to see / access our data that we have on you at any time, within reasonable timescales – no longer that 1 month from when initially requested. To do this email to requesting “Please Amend / Delete My Data” – stating your preference.

How To Ammend / Delete Your Data you may amend and delete your data, through exercising your “right to be forgotten”, and we undertake that this will be complied with fully within 1 month from the date of that request. To do this email to requesting “Please Amend My Data / Please Send Me A Copy Of My Data / Delete My Data” – stating your preference.



Our Recruitment Process Under New GDPR Legislation.

We have very little to change under the new legislations, and we always obtain prior authorisations in advance of submitting candidates CV’s to clients in relationship to being a recruitment operator.

Once initial contact is made, we will be requesting your authorisation on email to represent you for a particular role within a business that we have been appointed to work on as a recruitment head hunting business. Through that data exchange we will take responsibility for establishing and recording your agreement to share data at all stages of the recruitment process.

Once we have your agreement to check your suitability for “Other Roles” you will again be contacted and a joint assessment will be made before you are submitted to any additional client(s).

You will receive an email copy of your correspondence for each client we agree to submit your details to, and you will have an attached copy of the document(s) attached for each submission. We operate a full transparency of all or recruitment processes and correspondence.

Once the process has been closed down, and a hire has been made by the client, that project will close officially. At this point your data will be stored indefinitely, or until you exercise you right to be forgotten, in the event that we find or are required to manage recruitment projects that we deem may be suitable for you to review making an application for. You will therefore only be making applications through My Job Help Ltd if that activity has been agreed each time. We do not, and never have, worked speculatively, unless specifically agreed by a “Data Subject”. On the original live vacancy your data will remain active to the recruiter responsible for managing that vacancy for a period of 2 months thereafter, in the event that the placement failed, and a replacement were needed. At this point of 2 months, your data will be “retired from active duties” and held in a database until we have a further suitable vacancy or reason to contact you in relationship to recruitment operations.

All candidates have full access, monitoring, amendment and verification rights for their data that we manage, and as such retain zero ownership over that data – it belongs to you, the data subject. As managers of your data, we undertake, with full obligations, that we will manage you data in line with the now current GDPR legislations for May 2018.



EMAIL POLICY – 10 April 2018

Our email policy has changed in line with the new 2018 GDPR regulations. we have assigned specifc email accounts for specific business functions:

  • – Only used for Sales & Marketing of My Job Help Ltd / My Job Recruitment.
    • – Only used to unsubscribe from Sales & Marketing Emails.
  • – Only used for candidate contact and GDPR updating of candidate records.
  • – Only used for direct contact of a specific reason in operating as recruitment business.

You can not unsubscribe to or – you will need:

  1. To Ammend Your Data
  2. Delete Your Data



To make a complaint regarding data mismanagement, please email Julian Saunders directly –

To take your complaint further please contact the ICO –