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PSL Recruitment

Dedicated Support / Branded Head Hunting

Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 27, 2018

PSL Recruitment – We Can Add Value To Your PSL

As more clients introduce supplier PSL recruitment agreements, we are quite happy to head hunt for you against your rates and terms. Our focus is not the rates and when we get paid, and is only about if we can attract the right candidate for you to hire. Capability and resourcing strategy is significantly more important than the financial agreement. The enquiry is still the same, though undersdtandably there are PSL arrangements that we can not operate against. Our current limitations are payment at 3 months from start date against a flat rate of 12.5% on all projects based on basic salary only. Working woth this particular client we are one of 16,000 recruiters listed, and if i asked each to operate at this level on a minor account, they would likely decline the work!

We will consider the project on merit, and have in 2017 completed & filled vacancies for 6 clients that ‘most recruiters’ have failed to find hireable candidates for!

We managed these PSL projects against other companied failings, and suceeded = thats our edge!

For more information about adding us to your recruitment program please email recruitment@myjobhelp.co.uk

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