How To Write A Brilliant CV Profile

How To Write A Brilliant CV Profile

The Importance of a Personal Profile.

The personal profile on a CV is just that – no more, just a profile.

If I asked you to profile say a burglar you would readily make me a list of descriptive sentences in some jumbled order?

Let’s take this though to your CV profile. On this basis there is no need to have a list of:

    • Key skills
    • Top achievements
    • Main points
    • … Etc.

Any such information should be listed either in the relevant business where they were achieved, or into your profile. Why – the key to a good CV is fluidity, not length or number of sections or even ‘being stylishly creative’. Why – because your CV is a ‘WORKING DOCUMENT’ and one that requires your fullest professionalism – or sell yourself short, it’s your choice.

Remember this key point:

“As both an experienced recruiter and hiring manager, your cv needs to be quickly informative – If it’s not telling me what I want to know quickly, I am not interested in you!”

The key is in ‘quickly informative’ along the ‘expected lines’ with your application – Key information always shared with an approved recruiter.

So what is being asked with your profile, and more importantly what questions do you need to ask in writing your profile. As a recruiter, verifying around 250 CV’s a day (when actively hunting) I need to get your message very quickly, and these are the main questions I always ask when resourcing candidates:

    • Who are you
    • What do you do
    • How long have you done it for
    • Are you qualified
    • What are your main achievements
    • How did you get those done
    • How could you do them for me in my business…?

So in writing my own profile I would start it off like this….. With this exact layout too….

Julian Saunders

Is a Food & Drinks industry fellowship level qualified headhunter & recruitment consultant with 15 years’ experience? Previously in Permanent managerial and Interim roles within food manufacturing companies employing between 200-3000 people. Coming from an 18 year food manufacturing managerial background and qualified to Level 5 in HR Management, Recruitment Law and Recruitment & Employment Practices is highly experienced and well positioned to quickly headhunt candidates that competitors fail to approach. Individually focuses on ‘Best Recruitment Practices’ and has recently achieved a dual fellowship with both the REC and The BIoR. Capable of making longer term placements through an advanced recruitment process control ensuring that 100% compliance has been achieved over 12 years. Is currently looking for ????

WOW – That hits the spot, and its all true too!

This clearly in 118 words answers the top 5-6 initial questions we all want to know from your CV.

I am working on the basis that salary, location etc. have your CV ruled into the list based on the search criteria entered to get to see your CV initially.

If you need My Job Help with this part of your CV, go to my web site and contact me directly.

Julian Saunders

Julian Saunders (FIRP, MBIoR)

MD @   My Job Help Ltd


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