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Manufacturing Recruitment

Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: July 19, 2018

Manufacturing Recruitment.

Having recruited for 12 years, following a manufacturing career of 16 years, head hunting candidates for specialist manufacruting companies is my specialism. 

Projects that I have successfully recruited for include:

  • Directors
  • General Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • National Account Managers
  • HR Managers
  • HR Officers
  • Senior Technical Managers
  • Technical Managers
  • QA Managers
  • QA Technicians
  • NPD Managers
  • Buyer / Purchasing Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Stores Controllers
  • Packaging Controllers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Shift Engineers
  • Factory Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Night Shift Managers
  • Department Team Leaders

Without the need for costly advertising, I prefer to head hunt candidates, often on referral and usually through creative searching techniques.

My approach to finding the right candidates is to understand what you need them to achieve, based not only on what your current business position is and more around where you want to take it to. Be it stabilisation and maintenance, or KPI drives and improvements, customer accreditations or even increases in turnover, my focus is to retain candidates with the skills to deliver what you are recruiting for.

Regarding candidates CV’s, I never make alterations other than formatting and layout, as with my previous employed roles. I prefer to focus my time on head hunting as opposed to building applicants CV’s. Working with CV & Interview Advisors allows candidates access to an excellent service, if you need a new CV?

Looking towards interviewing candidates, bearing in mind I don’t alter candidates CV’s (only the formatting), the focus then becomes more about how people have made their career achievements, how they would deliver similar results for your business, allowing you both the time to assess how this would ‘fit the culture of the business’.

For more information on how I can help your business grow through better recruitment please contact me at recruitment@myjobhelp.co.uk

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