Pledge To Available Candidates

If you agree or would like to agree to have your profile advertised across the slider on this web site, this is my pledge (the deal).

It is open to all candidates that are ‘actively looking for a new job’, and you don’t need to be immediately available. In exchange for you voluntarily keeping me up to date with your availability and current employment status, I agree to list you a professional recruitment profile with the following up front provisions:

  1. You must not be traceable through any listed details (GDPR)
  2. You must give me written email authorisation (LinkedIn / txt / talking = won’t do)
  3. You must include your most up to date CV on that email as a msw attachment (.txt .pdf won’t do)
  4. You must approve your listing within 48 hours. You will be emailed a link copy once posted. Like immediately
  5. An accurate update of your ‘Availability Status’. (any form of communication – a carrier pigeon will suffice)
  6. No Comply – No Listy!

In Exchange for your compliance (many thanks in advance), I commit to the following:

  1. My Job Help Ltd will manage the recruitment process for you
  2. All enquiries will be detailed to you exclusively
  3. Through My Job Help Ltd you will also be exclusive to the client, unless the client request we search for other candidates
  4. You will not be permitted to ‘extensively retain’ the opportunity for an over prolonged period (by individual agreement)
  5. That exclusive period lasts as long as you decide for it to continue
  6. Once the enquiry has run its course for you, you must return the opportunity back to Julian Saunders at My Job Help Ltd
  7. The opportunity will be offered to other available candidates
  8. Depending upon if / when you get hired – your profile listing will be altered accordingly
  9. Whilst the opportunity is ‘in your control’ no employees or representatives will be permitted or authorised to ‘work the vacancy’ whilst it is your exclusive period. (nb point3)

This is valid from printing date and for the duration that ‘any candidate’s profiles’ are active on this web site.

Any ?? Contact me directly on email, as this is a GDPR area.


Julian Saunders

MD @ My Job Help Ltd


4 comments so far

Carol TysonPosted on8:36 am - Apr 16, 2019

Hi Julian,

Yes I am happy to be on the list.

Many thanks


David RecklessPosted on3:21 pm - Apr 10, 2019

I agree with the points listed above and I would like to have my profile listed

David Reckless

RONPosted on9:08 am - Mar 24, 2019

Hi Julian
yes l would like to join the listing

Ron Colbron

Julian SaundersPosted on9:28 pm - Mar 15, 2019

If you are a Listee – good luck. J.

This is aimed at being ‘Best Recruitment Practice’ in a dicey area.
I am interested to hear from you if you have any advice on any improvements.

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