Professionally Describing Each Job On Your CV With Ease

Professionally Describing Each Job On Your CV With Ease

Where many, if not most people go wrong with this part is in a number of areas, none of which make for a speed read:

    1. A mixed list of things you did and were a part of the job
    2. A list of a lot of sentences describing the job and what you did
    3. A paragraph littered with I did this, I did that, I, I, I
    4. Too little information to work with, leaving a lot to imagination

Based on the notion that you either want to get hired or headhunted, you have to see after my methods, that none of these work when people are reviewing applications.

So in rationale for the above points here is why:

    1. If the reader needs to rank / order / restructure your information – it’s just too much effort.
    2. Very hard to take in, even if it is easy to read through.
    3. Self-explanatory – though I am well renown for invoking applications where other recruiters lack imagination.

Problem – most recruiters are strictly managed through KPI’s and so won’t spend time on candidates CV’s that are not ‘good to go’. You must have a ‘Rapid Read’ CV.

If you went shopping in a supermarket with a jumbled list, how much longer would the task take.

Absorbing paragraphs / muddled lists / repetitive first person is harder to absorb than short sentences in listed format. The system road signs  is a perfect as a parallel – specifically designed for rapid recognition.

So – Here is how I will set out and describe what I did in each job in two parts:


      • (specifically what you were ‘contracted’ to do)
      • Operational KPI improvement
      • Introduction of Lean Manufacturing to improve efficiency



What I should point out is that you do not need to list points like:

    • Managed 300 people
    • Reported to the Site Director

Why? – that’s because you have that information alongside the company description, just above this section already on your CV.

You must have more to list in your job area that the number of people you managed. Yes this is important, though it’s not really a responsibility as such. You would be better to list:


      • Disciplinary / Hr Management for 300 direct reports, 4 supervisors + 4 shift managers
      • Responsible for Management and operator training and development – 300 people
      • COSHH / GMP / HACCP / Auditing
      • Budgets to £???
      • Project ‘XZYSKR’


      • Reduced manning through improved effective labour controls with agency staff to 250 people saving £625kpa.
      • Improved Plan Delivery KPI from 89% to 99.9% sustained for 5 years
      • Changed this and made this saving in waste £???
      • Bought this machine and changed that to deliver this improvement saving ‘xyz’ hours per week

In writing sentences like these the reader has to use their imagination for the right reasons – How Did You Do That? … … … …  as opposed to before, being left to wonder if you were even involved or close to any of these.

Again the importance of adding this system / approach to your Application Process on your CV ow, is that you will be one of few people answering +80% of the initial interview questions before they even know who you are!

Responsibilities – what you were asked to do in your job?

Achievements – What did you do against your list of responsibilities?



Julian Saunders (FIRP, MBIoR)

MD @   My Job Help Ltd

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