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Most companies I contact run their own PSL, so in being a ‘smaller business’ I operate on a ‘Pre-Agreed Basis’ with your PSL rates & terms. In not owning a database I maintain a full headhunting approach to all recruitment projects – It may take a little longer and gets much better results.

PSL’s I come into contact with that I am not listed on are regularly failing to deliver the full spectrum of candidates. This I also do not guarantee, though I would be surprised if you didn’t want to add me / attach My Job Help Ltd to your recruitment PSL – Why – because I headhunt.

What I mean in headhunting is areas like these:

  • Probing competing businesses both inside and outside your sector
  • Getting responses from candidates that will not speak to clients directly.
  • Getting responses from candidates that won’t work with ‘run of the mill contingent recruiters’.

If I am brutally honest where competitors lack is in fully researching their recruitment projects. I will always consider these factors:

  • Why would you want to hire this candidate
  • Can they add value to your business
  • Will they remain in employment for a ‘longer term’
  • What does your business need the new hire to achieve

My message to candidates is that if a recruiter can advise you in these areas, then they are not close enough to the client for you to become an applicant.

In resourcing vacancies there is a strict model in all contingent companies, which goes something like this.

Each week:

  • 5 new vacancies; 25 CV submissions; 10 interviews; 2 placements
  • 1 new client; 1 client visit; 2 paid invoices
  • Or goodbye!

This is the same for all recruitment work, even if it is through your PSL!

The Gross / Nett effects of this are simple you only get the beast (easiest to get to) candidates submitted from their ‘excellent database’. This creates a gap of untapped labour.

 I am working on several projects this year already, and if I find 35 candidates per Production Manager Vacancy, 1 or 2 have been contacted or submitted. Several more have failed application feedback responses – recruiters rarely make the rejection phone call.

In deciding to work on a self-employed basis, I do not have such metrics, my only focus is on finding the best candidate I can in PSL or Contingent recruitment projects.

I live in this gap created by other recruiters.

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Julian SaundersPosted on7:13 pm - Mar 27, 2019

Please email me directly / call my mobile to discuss any recruitment requirements you may have. 07815 627679 /

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