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As an experienced headhunter & negotiator, I understand that clients like to negotiate! Often we accept ‘spot projects’ and clients are free to negotiate the rates and terms for each assignment. Also other clients prefer to have a set %age fee for a set period of time, either as an account blanket figure, or in tiers as below. If recruiting on a PSL, we like to cross review terms, and offer an undertaking upfront to honor your terms – after a quick check through.

What is more important, is how we can help you find people that are worth enrolling to your business. We as a rule don’t charge clients for any recruitment work until the placed candidate starts with you – we then invoice the agreed fee on the candidates start date. Ideally and initially we look to hold all clients to a maximum of 30 days payment terms, and following a ‘longer relationship, this and other terms areas would usually be relaxed. Other benefits on larger accounts also initiate in stages.

2019 Standard Terms Valid To 31/12/2019

Recruitment Terms & Conditions of Business for Permanent & Fixed Term Contracts

Contingent Introduction Fees:                                       Rate    

  • Remuneration Package to £24,999                                 10%
  • Remuneration Package to £25,000 to £34,999               11%
  • Remuneration Package from £35,000 to £49,999           13%
  • Remuneration Package from £50,000 +                          15%
  • All May 2019 Listed Vacancies                                     10%

Retained Placements and Advertised Selection & Search:

  • Irrespective of remuneration package                              15%

Fixed Term Contracts

  • Remuneration Package to £34,999                                 15%
  • Remuneration Package from £35,000 to £49,999           18%
  • Remuneration Package from £50,000 +                          20%

Interim Contractors

  • Remuneration Package to £? per day                           enquire%

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Julian SaundersPosted on10:03 am - May 1, 2019

As per my LinkedIn feed today, I am happy to agree to 10% on all vacancies booked with me in May 2019, irrespective of interview booking dates or placement date. Its just about booking a vacancy with me. Once you have submitted your vacancy details with me, i will send you across terms at 10%, then we are good to go. J.

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