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Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: February 17, 2019

Interim Quality Manager – Food Manufacturing

(Available for Perm / Interim roles)

+20 years working in Material Quality for food manufacturers supplying all retailers and food service companies. Experienced in audit preparation, compliance and full Qualty management and transitions within any food manufacturing sector.

  • BRC Preparation (announced / unannounced)
  • Traceability Upgrades
  • QMS Implementations & Upgrades
  • HACCP Systems Overhaul / Installation
  • Specification Approval
  • Allergen Management
  • M&S Complaince
  • Technical KPI Management & Improvements
  • Systems Migration from QC to QA, Leveraging Operational Quality Ownership
  • Lean Manufacturing Operations Improvements


Previous Roles:

  • Interim Quality Manager
  • Interim Technical Services Manager
  • Raw Materials Quality Manager
  • Supply Chain Technologist
  • Raw Materials QA Team Leader
  • Production Supervisor



  • Chartered Institute Of Environmental Health – Basic Food Hygiene
  • Chartered Institute Of Environmental Health – Intermediate Food Hygiene With Credit
  • Chartered Institute Of Environmental Health – Advanced Food Hygiene             
  • CCFRA – Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Royal Society For The Promotion of Health – Certificate In Essential HACCP Practice
  • Royal Society For The Promotion of Health – Intermediate Certificate In Applied HACCP Principles
  • City & Guilds – NVQ – Level 1 Food & Drink Manufacturing
  • City & Guilds – NVQ – Level 2 Food & Drink Manufacturing
  • Law Labs – Internal Auditing Course
  • NEBS Management – Introductory Team Leader Award
  • Institute Of Leadership Management Core Management Programme

Avaialability:   Immediatly available

Rate:      £Enquire




ref: MJR-CP-20112

Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: February 14, 2019

AVAILABLE – Interim Operations / Senior Production Manager, National Availability, £enquire

An Operations & Senior Production Manager backed with an Engineering qualification and background, having +15 years manufacturing experience. With experience in desserts, bakery, savoury chilled fresh, ambient snacks, convenience foods and frozen products. Specialising in getting work forces to accept and adapt to change management and improvements in operations. Experienced in Lean, 5s, CAYG, Waste Management, Efficiency Drives and KPI improvements has always trained and developed teams to deliver sustainable improvements across production, packing and despatch teams simultaneously. Specialises in ‘taking control’ of production teams, to relieve direct pressure from Senior Management Teams, whilst delivering significant PKI and performance improvements, almost immediately.


+15 Years’ Experience In

  • Waste Improvements
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Large Teams Management
  • Output increases +50%
  • Production immediate uplifts
  • Engineering Projects – Machine & Equipment Improvements
  • Control of c15 manufacturing lines simultaneously
  • Management of 5-10 direct reports
  • Reporting to Operations / Factory Director


Salary – £enquire

Location – Available Nationally across UK





Ref: MJR-CP-20121


Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: February 4, 2019

Managing Director, Oil & Gas Power, Defence, £100,000pa, Cheshire.

Precision engineering, automotive, aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, valves, electronics, fastenings, marine, nuclear, oil and gas, energy, renewables, power generation, castings and construction.

Vast experience of operational and commercial management.

Driving down costs, improving operational performance and generating profitable business growth in unionised and non-unionised environments.


Previous Roles:

  • Interim General Manager
  • Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • Group Managing Director
  • Managing Director
  • Site Director
  • Operations Director
  • Design Engineer
  • Process Development Engineer

Key Achievements:

  • Won over £25 million business through career
  • Profit Improvement – 20%
  • Cost Reduction – £3 million
  • Output Increased – 45%
  • Business Turnaround – £1.8 million reversal


  • Master’s Degree
  • Fluent French & Spanish

Availability: Immediate

Location: – Cheshire

Salary: £100,000pa for Permanent Roles, £800 per day for Interim Roles





Ref: MJR-CP-20109



Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: February 1, 2019

Interim Head Of Technical / Group Technical Manager, Cheshire, £enquire per day +expenses.

Recent Achievements:

  • Procedures Implementation = M&S Compliance moved from severe red to green
  • Gold Standars Audit Complaince
  • 30% reduction in complaints
  • Branded Approvals Achieved inside 10 weeks
  • Multi site management – 10 – 20 sites
  • Supplier Approvals
  • Product Launches
  • ReBranding Projects
  • QA Full reorganisation
  • QMS Imlementation
  • Cost Reductions – c25%
  • Non Conformance Reductions – 30%
  • Productivity Increased – 55%
  • Budget Responsible – £20 Million.

Sectors: Drinks, Snacks, Chilled, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Ambient, Frozen

Companies: Mars, Kellogs, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, COOP, Tesco, Asds, Costa, Lidl, Aldi, Nestle, Starbuskc, Waitrose, Lavazza.

Location: – Cheshire, Working NAtionally.

Salary: – £enquire per day +expenses.

Availability: – Immediatly Available





Ref: MJR-CP-20110



Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 29, 2019

INTERIM Project Manager, New Builds, Closures, Optimisations & Change Management

As an experienced project manager, with an exceptional operational background, has opened factories from a ground up plan, completed closures and business transfers, whilst maintaining / improving financial stability. Has also been instrumental in streamlining newly acquired sites into Group Operations, and facilitated a number of rebuilds and successful transformations.


20 Years’ Experience In

  • Factory Redesign, New Build & Design
  • Vertical Integration Of New Factories
  • Governance Management
  • Resource & Milestone Planning
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Plant Automation
  • Structural & Service Modifications
  • Financial Stability
  • Support To Existing Management Team



Salary – £enquire

Location – Available Nationally

Availability – Immediately Available




Ref: MJR-CP-20115


Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 21, 2019

AVAILABLE – Interim Shift Manager, National Availability, £enquire

A Shift Manager capable of leading and developing larger teams of operators to higher levels of output, KPI performance and overall efficiency. Experienced in poultry processing, produce, sauces, butters, and seasonal campaigning has previously made significant improvements in manufacturing performance. Experienced in managing production for M&S meeting the strictest standards, also covering outbound logistics management. Also experienced on planning and operational planning systems towards enhancing production effectiveness.



+15 Years’ Experience In

  • Production Efficiency Improvements
  • Wastage Reductions c20%
  • Plan Adherence – +98%
  • Inbound Product Quality Management
  • Engineering improvements
  • PPM Implementations
  • Downtime Minimisation Project
  • Outbound Logistical Management
  • HSE Manual rewrites
  • QMS Manuals rewrite
  • Team Development



  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • HACCP in Practice
  • CPC National
  • Internal Auditor
  • Basic Food Hygiene

Salary – £enquire

Location – Available Nationally across UK





Ref: MJR-CP-20122


Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 18, 2019

AVAILABLE – Interim Technical Manager, National Availability, £enquire

A very client focused and experienced Site Technical Manager specialising in Audit Compliance, unannounced Audit Compliance through expertly developing QA & Technical & Hygiene Teams & Management. Has professional relationships with FSA, BSI, SEDEX, BRC, Local Authorities, and most if not all retailers. A qualified lead assessor and auditor covering packaging, food manufacturing covering suppliers, supply chain, and internal technical standards.


+20 years’ experience in:

  • HACCP Review / Design / Installation
  • Process Development and control
  • QMS Management
  • HR Management of Tech Staff
  • Food Safety
  • Retailer Approval
  • Customer Complaint Control & Management
  • Micro Management
  • Leader On Auditing for Retail & Food Service clients
  • Internal Auditing
  • Audit Compliance
  • Managing 3rd Party Auditors
  • Client Relationship management

Available Immediately

Location – London – Working Nationally




Ref: MJR-CP-20126

Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on:

Interim Hygiene Manager (Technical Bias), Northants, £Enquire

An experienced Hygiene & Technical Compliance Manager capable of bringing hygiene to achieve full audit compliance and KPI controls in a multiple of food manufacturing companies. Individually focusing on delivering results through effective people management. Is looking for assignments in Technical Hygiene Management.


20 Years’ Experience In

  • Hygiene Management
  • BRC Accreditation
  • Management & Team Training / Development
  • Budget Management & Control
  • Process Design & Implementation
  • CIC Systems Installation
  • Risk Assessments
  • M&S Audit Compliance
  • Financial Savings
  • KPI Management & Control
  • Chemical Usage & Control
  • Pest Control
  • Allergen Management
  • HSE Controls & Management


Previous Roles

  • Technical Hygiene Manager
  • Technical Hygiene Consultant
  • Technical Compliance Manager
  • Hygiene Manager
  • Night Hygiene Manager
  • Interim Hygiene Manager



  • Allergen Management and Control in Food Processing / Manufacturing
  • Hygiene Management and Food Safety, Level 3 (50% completed)
  • Listeria Management in Manufacturing Environment, Level 3
  • IOSH, Level 4
  • Pest Awareness and Management
  • Food Safety, Level 2
  • HACCP, Level 2
  • MFI internal auditing course and certificate
  • SSOW training
  • Health and safety training
  • COSHH training
  • FsDs in Quality and Technical Management, Lincoln University (student)

– £40,000 + benefits

Location – East Midlands

Availability – 1 months’ notice





Ref: MJR-CP-20113


Recruitment Terms

Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 17, 2019

AVAILABLE NOW – INTERIM Technical Manager, Food Manufacturing, Available Nationally, £enquire

A highly experienced Technical Manager of +20 years, including direct M&S Senior Management positions, Multiple Sites and Multiple Retailer Management across a number of chilled frozen and ambient businesses. Capable of managing any technical remit including, QMS, HACCP, Complaints, Retails Management, Auditing, Compliance, Incidents, Specifications, Hygiene, KPI Improvements, Management Reviews, People Development & Training, Quality Improvements and NPD Launches. Having been client facing for branded and own label manufacturers, is currently looking for a senior Technical Management role.


+20 Years’ Experience In

  • QMS Improvements & Management
  • HACCP Improvements & Management
  • BRC Compliance
  • M&S Audit Compliance
  • Product Launches
  • Technical KPI Improvements
  • Complaints / Non Conformance reductions
  • Team development
  • Client Relationship Management and Improvement
  • Route Cause Analysis + 100 year fixes
  • Process Control & Development
  • Budget Control £3millionpa
  • Engineering Implementation
  • Implementation of technical Score Carding


Salary – £enquire

Location – Available Nationally

Availability – Immediately Available




Ref: MJR-CP-20116


Posted by: Julian Saunders Posted on: January 5, 2019

Interim Category Manager,

As a senior Interim Category Manager, has been responsible for developing and launching a number of significant ranges into all retailers. Working from range reviews, improvement analysis and consumer demands has consistently improved market shares and the number of SKU’s listed. Capable of driving the full process from concept development to developing a range of private label products into retail. Capable of managing multiple ranges to multiple retailers successfully, gaining and improving both market share and profitability.


20 Years’ Experience In

  • Successful launches for Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Boots, COOP, and Aldi.
  • Regularly head of category
  • Significant market share increases through all retailers and manufacturers
  • Range Reviews
  • Category Reviews
  • Chilled Commerce
  • Frozen Commerce
  • Bakery Commerce
  • Ambient Commerce
  • Seasonal Launches & Ranges


Salary – £enquire

Location – Nationally Available

Availability – Immediately Available




ref: MJR-CP-20114


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